1. Introduction

1.1. Day Worker is an online platform where labor and labor buy and sell modes and appointments work.

1.2. Day Worker conveys the contact between purchasing and labor. The appointment itself, including the terms of employment, is agreed directly between the employer and the employee.

1.3. Day Worker gives worker easy and quick access to find extra work.

1.4. Day Worker provides labor for easy and fast access to finding the necessary workforce.

1.5. After completing the task, the employee can purchase the '' rate '' worker for the work done. This gives purchasers an overview of which workers provide the best work performance.

2. The company behind Day Worker

2.1. Day Work consists of the Day Worker App and the homepage Day Worker. Day Worker is owned by Day Work CVR, Jette Lund, Kim Baarsøe og Claus Vittrup Pedersen.

Address: Tornskadevej 25 | 7600 Struer | Denmark

3. Day Worker works.

3.1. At Day Worker you can create a free profile as a worker and as a buyer of labor.

3.2. The employee must state what competences he / she possesses when he / she is available for purchasing of labor, and on which terms he / she is available for a buyer of labor.

3.3. Purchasing labor can then choose the worker who is fit to perform the task in question.

3.4. After finishing work, buying labor can make the employee pay, and other employers can see which workers are providing the best work.

4. Payment of salary and remuneration

4.1. By purchasing labor contractual arrangements with the employee, the salary indicated by the employee is accepted.

4.2. After full employment, the salary is transferred directly to the employee's bank account.

4.3. When refering to payment of salary, Day Worker set a minimum wage based on age. The minimum wage for users under 18 is set at 50 DKK and 100 DKK for users/workers over 18 years.

5. Objections

5.1. If the employee has not fulfilled the agreed work obligations, the purchase of labor must raise objections about the non-fulfilled work obligations via Day Worker before the expiry of the employment relationship (the time when the salary is transferred to the employee, cf. section 4.2).

5.2. The opposition must be justified.

5.3. The salary is transferred to the employee's bank account regardless of whether the purchase of labor raises objections to the Employee.

5.4. If employers do not consider that the employee has provided services in accordance with the agreement, then the employer must directly contact the employee regarding the matter.

5.5. A dispute between a worker and employer is Day Worker irrelevant.

5.6. Day Worker is not liable - and cannot be held liable - for disputes regarding the employment relationship.

6. Responsibility

6.1. Day Worker ensures the contact between employers and workers. The recruitment itself and the terms of employment are agreed directly between employers and an employee.

6.2. Day Worker cannot be held liable for any claim or liability arising in the employment relationship, in the case in which Day Worker communicated the contact between the employer and the employee.

6.3. The employer and the employee are responsible for ensuring that the obligations concerning the employment relationship, including the employment law and public-law obligations are applicable and complied at all times within the agreed employment relationship.

6.4. The employer and the employee agrees that Day Worker is not a party to the employment relationship, thus Day Worker cannot be held liable for violation of the applicable rules/obligations regarding. The employment relationship, including the obligations of employment and public law.

6.5. Day Worker cannot be held liable for incorrect information provided by a user on Day Worker. It is the recipient of the data who is responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information.

6.6. Day Worker is not responsible for disclosing the taxable salary to tax authorities. It is the employers’ and the employee's duty to report salary payments to tax authorities.

7. Infringements

7.1. In case of violation of these terms, the user can be excluded from Day Worker without notice.

7.2. If Day Worker finds a user's use of Day Worker contrary to common wellbeing and ethics, the user can be excluded from Day Worker without notice.

7.3. A legal or natural person may only have one user profile. A user's creation of multiple user profiles may result in the user being excluded from Day Worker.

8. User information

8.1. The user's information including contact information, competencies etc. must be correct and it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the information is updated.

8.2. Usernames and passwords are personal and may not be shared with others.

9. Change of Terms of Use

9.1. Day Worker reserves the right to change the content of the Terms of Use at any time without notice.

10. User profile abuse

10.1. In case of abuse - or suspicion of abuse - of a user profile, Day Worker must be contacted immediately at dina@dayworker.dk.

11. Good advice

11.1. Day Worker recommends that the employer and the employee consult an adviser before entering into an employment relationship.

12. Rights

12.1. Rights including intellectual property rights, such as trademark, software, design, images, text, source codes etc. owned by Day Worker and all rights reserved.

12.2. The user of Day Worker accepts that all information posted by the user on Day Worker, including advertisements, may be used by Day Worker for commercial purposes, advertising to third parties.

13. Customer Support

13.1. Questions, comments or complaints can be sent to the email address dina@dayworker.dk or communicated by telephone to +45 50 70 33 80.

14. Disputes

14.1. The user accepts that all disputes arising directly or indirectly between the user and Day Worker through the use of Day Worker are settled according to Danish law with the court in Esbjerg as the first instance.

15. Terms of Collaboration for Employers

15.1. Starting with 1st of January 2020, the employers will be paying Day Worker an added 10% to the workers’ salary, unless overwise agreed.

Terms & Conditions

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