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Your first Video CV

Have you ever wondered why some of the employers do not answer your emails? Why is it often a rejection? Well, I`ll tell you a secret. Your experience, education, and skill set are enough. What you are missing is an innovative way to display your charisma and personality!

I'm Janis. Former Art teacher and now marketing manager. For a long time, I'm into arts and can tell you for sure, that first visual impression you leave (no matter in which life situation) is the critical one!

For sure, it is hard to express all your personality in a CV, even if you add some excellent visuals. The best decision is to make your video CV, and believe me, all it takes is just a phone camera and some basic internet user skills.

So, stay with me, as I have decided to open a curtain and share with you a few tips on how to make an excellent video CV.


Why you need a video CV?

The job market has changed in the last 30 years and is changing rapidly lately. Employers are no more interested in just skilled employees. Employees need to be capable to cooperate, be creative, multitask and a lot more. Also, the competition is tough, so you need to stand out of the crowd. A video CV is a great way to introduce your personality and show the employer your charisma and style.

According to researched done by 3M (company), visuals are processed 60,000x faster than text.

People tend to remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they do and see. It means that recruiters are more likely to remember your application through visuals.

Moreover, in the creative industry, things revolve around visuals, so it makes even more sense to create a video resume.

What is this video CV?

If you think that you will have to spend 3 minutes in front of a camera describing yourself, you're wrong.

Video CV is just another tool in your professional toolbox. Take this as one of the approaches you could use to get the attention of the company that you're interested in.

For sure it is not just a transformation of your written CV into a video. Video CV gives an opportunity to show your personality, create a great first impression, and highlight your talents and interests.

But you must remember - just like a regular one, video CV should cover your: education, experience, and interests. Make sure you answer a straightforward question: why the employer should hire you?

Where it all starts?

1. Write down a script

Do not wing it! You need to be sure that the video covers all the necessary things. Write them down. Think about word choice. Especially, if you are going to speak in the video. Make sure it's clear for the employer.

If you are putting yourself on camera, its necessary to memorize the script. Imagine how it looks if the person who`s telling about himself isn`t confident. Also, a good thought is to show your video to someone else to have a reasonable opinion on that!

2. Accordance!

Same as the paper CV your video should be specific for the company you are applying to. Don't make it general. If you're applying for some creative jobs, make sure you put the best artistic side of yours into it.

3. Precise and short!

Don’t spill the water! This is a busy world, moreover if we speak about recruiters. They usually have at least several CV`s to go through and make some notes, which means there is no time to watch 10 min long autobiography.

According to a study made by Wistia, the ideal video length for maximum viewer engagement is 1-2 minutes. 90 seconds are the sweetest spot!

4. Get creative!

Don’t be afraid of showing your personality through some creative tools. Pick up colours, forms, movements of video.

Experiment with music. Although don’t go too far, remember that this is still your resume and it meant to get a job.

Make sure it is elegant and clean. If you are using footage, make sure it is of good quality. The same goes for the sound. Also, avoid too bright colours (Complementary colours are a bad idea for sure). Pick some colour schemes for a nice aesthetical look. They are combined in the best aesthetical way. There are plenty of web pages offering tens of thousands ready-made colour schemes.

5. Make it look professional.

It is great to have someone to edit your video, but not all of us have this luxury!

However, the great news is that the internet nowadays is full of simple editing software. Some of them allow you to create very professional-looking videos. Moreover, some of the web pages are explicitly designed for creating a video CV.

Usually, they contain ready-made templates where only the text must be entered. These web pages mostly are user-friendly and don`t require video editing skills. It is the fastest and most efficient way of creating significant and professional-looking video CV.

6. Feedback.

Before sending your masterpiece, show to someone else – friends, colleagues, family. Ask for an honest opinion. It happens all the time – you got occupied by your work so much that you stop seeing mistakes, misspelling, etc.

A study made by the recruitment software company “Talent Now” found that video is already being used by 60% of hiring managers and recruiters, and 22% more are considering using it in the future.


Video CVs are a fast-growing thing, and soon it will be considered as a norm. So, go on and try to make your own! You are great, and so your CV will be! Good luck!


Need an advice or help bringing it to life? Contact me via

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