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Stress-free Mondays. How to get started?

You might have the brightest and most inspired ideas, but they all require time and good planning. The question is - where to get started?

Getting started can be the hardest challenge for a personal or professional task/project/idea. Some of us tend to build it all up in a pile and setting unrealistic goals of completing the said tasks, all of this leading to an incredible time pressure which follows into frustration.

Shortly, I am hoping that this mini-blog can bring a structure to your Mondays, or any other days that you want to apply it to.

This small system helped me declutter my mind, prioritise my mental health at work and getting stuff DONE.

1. Organise your working desk

Do not jump straight into work from the moment you enter the office. Decluttering your desk will allow you to slowly step into the working process. This will give you a more in-control, organised and fresh start. A coffee cup can keep you a great company.

2. Start with your emails

It is proved that checking onto your emails on Monday not only helps you plan your tasks better but also can make you feel in control of your own assignments.

How is that?

Browsing and sorting emails from colleagues, your boss or partners will give you an actual understanding of what has to be prioritised through the day, week or month.

Diminish the element of surprise. If you are already working on some projects, checking your emails through the day (for the first time) can be stressful, as new, emerging tasks may arise.

3. Make a checklist

Now that you have gone through your emails, you will have a great understanding of what has to go on your priority checklist of the day and which of those elements can wait.

Build your checklist realistically, consider the time and resources you need to conclude it.

Start with small and easy to complete tasks, do not dive in the ocean without trying to swim in the sea.

4. Ensure a pleasant ambient - music

Music is a stress-relieving tool that is used by innovative and open-minded organisations to create a pleasant, stress-relieving ambient for their employees.

In case this doesn't happen in your company, create the ambient yourself :)

Do not make a party out of the office, but no one cancelled headphones.

Whatever music inspires you, from jazz to metal rock, let it flow in the background, this will serve as a safe space for your mind to indirectly rest at.

5. Roll with your tasks

One by one, dissect your tasks and use those small tips to get inspired and confident.

Have a good Monday and productive start of the week.

Day Worker Team Dina Cravcenco

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