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How to write an amazing application letter?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

You might already have an amazingly structured CV and are ready to apply for a job. However, some employers request a cover letter when sending your application form. What is it and how to organize your thoughts in page?

Writing an application letter or so-called motivational letter/cover letter can greatly increase your chances of getting a job.


What is an application letter?

It is a document that is usually sent together with your CV when applying for a job. The application letter should describe your experience and motivation to work for the chosen industry.

Through the cover letter you can show your writing style and impress the employer with your originality. Sell yourself. Even if a company doesn´t require a cover letter it is always a plus to send one together with your CV.

How to write a cover letter?

Avoid repeating the same information that you included in the CV, only briefly mention some elements.

Before writing an application letter you should thoroughly read the job description and make a research about a company. What are company’s vision, mission and values? Take the gathered data and incorporate it in your application.

Don´t make your application letter a description of the company. Mention some interesting facts that required a detailed research, show interest and NEVER compose a letter longer than one page.


The heading should always contain the job title, department and company name.


If you know the name of the recruiter, address the letter as to "Dr./Mr./Ms. Last Name."

Overwise, you can write a general addressing such as ‘’Whom It May Concern’’ or ‘’Dear Hiring Manager’’.


Begin writing an application letter by introducing the position you apply for and yourself. You can further explain how you heard about a job if perhaps you heard it from a direct employee of the company or if you had a personal conversation with the said recruiter.

Briefly mention how your experience and skills match the job description. Usually, from the first lines the company creates an impression or an impulse to read further.


This section should make it about your contribution. What can you bring new to the company? Perhaps you could tease the recruiter with some ideas that could improve their current situation. Be present. Specify some achievements from your previous job or maybe at your studies or internship.


After the main part of your application letter, you could thank the employer for the time dedicated to review your application. If you have a job history, you can suggest the recruiter to contact your previous employers for a recommendation.


End your application letter with your signature and contact information such as email, telephone number, and address (if you are applying for a job far away from the place you live, it is wise to state within your cover letter that you don’t have a problem to move to the location of the job).

You should always proofread your application letter and make sure there are no mistakes. Lastly, don’t forget that each application letter should be unique. It should be customized to the job you are applying for.

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