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How to handle a job rejection?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Job rejections can be tough, this is why it is highly important to have the right mindset. The way you handle rejections can tell plenty about your proffesionalism and personality in general. It might sound idealistic to say that this experience can turn into a learning opportunity, however, it really can be.

You can easily increase your career development if you embrace rejection and get the most of it. Check out our insight and learn how to turn rejection into an advantage.


1. Ask for feedback

One of the most advised actions after a rejection is to reach out to the interviewer for some feedback. Stay sharp and approach the feedback received with integrity and open mindset. ASK - ANALYZE - REACT, in that order. Take notes on what relevant changes you can make regarding your CV, application letter or to the overall interview.

Perceive the feedback as a list of tips that will open more doors for the future job opportunity. Do not downgrade yourself, crying over the spilled milk never brings results. Instead, encourage perfecting yourself and achieving your goals.

2. Answer with gratitude

Even though the interview did not lead to the desired point, always keep a professional and respectful approach. Leave a positive reaction in employer’s mind, this can turn into a future collaboration or even increase your employment chances if you decide to apply to the same company.

You can start by writing an email or making a phone call back, inform the employer that you are open for future collaborations and thank for the experience together.

Keep ´ a door open ´ just in case.

3. Analyze

Take time an analyze the interview process, eventually, right down the things that you believe went wrong (nervousness, lack of preparation, misunderstanding, etc.); make a brief review of the interview. Further, analyze the feedback received from the employer and use them for a personal development plan.

Not least, take in consideration the positive feedback and experience from the interview. Use this analysis as a build-up for your future interview.

4. Do not under-appreciate yourself

Do not hurt your confidence by approaching the rejections negatively. Rejections are not the same as failure. You are not the right match for this company, but you might be for the next ones. Under-appreciating yourself will only be harmful to your future job-hunting.

Each time you enter a room for an interview, SHINE. Take control of your future, those rejections do not define who you are today. Employers will always consider your present state of mind and attitude.

5. Focus on the future

Let’s say that you were mesmerized by the company you applied to and it demotivates you to look further as you did not get their approval.

Whether you are involve with the concept or position offered, you can transfer that passion into fining similar company with similar openings and concepts. Remember: there is plenty of fish in the ocean.

There are endless opportunities opening for you every day, remember to take action and stay inspired.


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