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How to get a job through Facebook?

Nowadays, there are various platforms for job seeking, from official job searching portals to social media. For example, LinkedIn is one of the platforms commonly used for recruiting, Instagram is the creative/stylish approach to look for a job. Finally, Facebook is the social media platform with the highest possibilities of exposing your experience, skills, and knowledge.

Further, there are the key steps in creating a profile destined to self-promote and get you the job through Facebook.



The very first impression is always generated from the visual impact.

If you are using Facebook for job seeking, it is a good idea to carefully select your profile picture. Your picture must be sharp and professional; it is recommended to have the same profile photo as in your CV. Make it easy for the employer to find you.

At the same time, the content of your page has a big role in identifying your personality.

Do not store any indecent photos on your page; The cover photo is the background of your timeline. We suggest uploading a picture that represents what you stand for and/or your specialty.

An innovative way to upgrade your profile is to upload a profile video instead of a profile picture. If your main aim is to get a job through Facebook, a good idea is to upload your video CV as a profile.

Personal profile

Your profile should be a brief of your CV; write all the relevant information that can help an employer who is visiting your page to have a positive impression about you.

Use your real name as a Facebook username. Make sure that the information at the ‘’About’’ section is public. As in your CV, do not forget to mention your “Work” and “Education” experiences, as well as to attach a short description to each of them.

The “Professional Skills” feature is a relatively new one, used by employers to search for workers and which providing an advantageous overview of your main skills.

Highlight your cultural experience by mentioning cities/countries you lived in and speaking languages.


Facebook is a good platform to display your work and hobbies in an organized form.

You can make a separate photos folder for each of your projects (as a mini portfolio), where you can also describe it, mention the partnerships, locations, etc.

A good idea is to also make a folder where you include a CV, video CV, cover letter and recommendations.

Decorate your feed with what matters. Share relevant to your career and personality articles.

This will show the employer that you aim to be up to date within your industry and your social skills.

Interests & Follows

Build your interest around the companies that you would like to work at; follow/ like their Facebook pages, this way you will be daily updated with news and activities.

Moreover, remember to follow the main partners of the company, showing to the employers that you have a common ground and an understanding of where the business is heading.

Job Search

The section “Jobs on Facebook” is the “marketplace” for job seeking. You can review the job description, apply and be linked directly to the company’s messaging tray.

Usually, applying through Facebook requests a filling in a form, including a set of questions from the employer. The information that you display on your profile (education, work experience, etc.) will be automatically transmitted.

Groups & online communities

Join groups and online communities that have the same topics of interest as you.

Focus on groups related to job hunting as well as to your job’s category of interest. Be active in the online community, gain visibility.

A good start is creating a post with your picture and a brief description of your specialty and what you are looking for.

There are high chances that among the group’s/community’s members, are few companies owners, employers, or simply people who are planning to open a business and/or are in need of workers.

Through the past years, Facebook has become a major competitor to LinkedIn (the main job searching social media platform). Providing a perfect blend between the professional and personal profile, it is expected to become the most used platform for job hunting.

If you do not wish to mix business with private life, you can create two Facebook pages. 😊


Day Worker Team Ana S.

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