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How to deal with a difficult boss?

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Congratulations! You have passed the difficult phases and now it is your first day at work. The excitement to start, the persuasion to be an extraordinary employer and the motivation to help the company grow are the main elements in your mind, but what do you do when you find out that your new boss is not on the same page as you?

People are rather different, a part of them being harder to interact with than another, therefore, here is some quality advice on how to deal with a difficult boss.


1. Try to find the source

Do not categorize your boss as a difficult one based on the first attitude. Be observant and understanding, this way you might notice a pattern of events in the past weeks that might have affected it. Had there been any professional/personal issues in their lives that influence their actions now?

However, if the situation persists over weeks, with no attitude change, then you might be able to say that you are dealing with a difficult boss.

2. Be patient

A difficult boss can raise the stress level in your workdays. Try to practice patience and incorporate it at work, the results will be more productive. This will significantly reduce your stress level and help you focus.

Although it might be easier said than done, the key to achieve patience in practice.

Next time, when you are dealing with a difficult boss, take a deep breath and do your job undistracted. Encourage yourself by appreciating your effort and achievements at work. Self-appreciation can be a valuable factor when going through a tough time, in any situation.

3. Do not get your work affected

Having a difficult boss might affect your performance at work. If you want to keep your job for a long-term, focus on your task and detach yourself from the negativity around you.

If you are a new employee, it is still hard for others to be tolerant of you manifesting personal problems. Maybe your boss is not the most delightful person in the company, but you should stand up next to your colleagues and do your job properly, in order not to affect theirs.

4. Be one step forward

Try, as much as possible, to anticipate your future tasks and complete them before your boss comes to you. You will show that you are highly motivated and serious about your job. This will not go unnoticed by your employer. It might take a while until this happens, but do not give up. The result will be visible sooner or later, as it is in his/her benefit to create a pleasant environment for skilled workers.

5. Do your research

Another smart idea on how to handle a difficult boss is to find common ground.

Try to use platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram or simply inform yourself around the office. Find out what you and your boss have in common and bring that up in further conversations, you might be surprised by the bond between you two.

Dealing with a difficult boss can be challenging, especially if you are new in the company/ industry. Following the mentioned tips will get you at least one step closer to a better working environment. Stay dedicated and appreciate your efforts.


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