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Get a job through Instagram

When talking about job seeking, Instagram is not the first platform that comes to mind, but by using the right approach it can highly increase your chances of achieving the dream job.

Being not as formal as LinkedIn, job-hunting wise, Instagram can do as much as it. Further, we present to you the best tips to follow to get a job through Instagram.


1. Create a professional profile

The first step in the job-hunting process through Instagram is to improve your profile.

Ensure that your username and Instagram name consist of your first and last name (e.g. @firstnamelastname, @firstname.lastname, @firstname_lastname, etc). If you have a business, you can use your business name. Either approach, ensure that your full name is there, therefore it will be easier for an employer to find you.

The next step is editing your bio; Introduce the type of work you are specialized in (e.g. Graphic Designer, Baristo, Librarian, etc.), further you can create a brief professional description.

Don`t forget to add a link to your LinkedIn profile, website, blog or online portfolio. Moreover, mention that you are open to opportunities and collaborations.

2. Create professional content

Your content is the part that will highlight and set you apart from the competition.

Ensure that you post professional related content and create an Instagram resume. To do so, chose the first (3 to 9) photos to represent you as a worker, a visualization of your CV. Remember to keep your feed updated, post regularly and exclusively related to your specialty content; maintain a fun, yet professional attitude.

As an extra tip, you can choose to design the layout of your Instagram page by creating a flow or a template in your post. There are a high number of tools and apps that can guide you through this.

3. Identify your market and increase your network


Create a list with the companies that you are interested in and further, link to the pages with similar activities, suppliers, influencers, workers, etc. It is a smart idea to follow them, thus you will show interest and moreover, you will always be up to date to what is new in the category that interests you.

To find the Instagram page of a company, simply write in the search engine “company name” + “Instagram” (e.g. Day Worker Instagram). To find the company’s team members´ Instagram, it is a good idea to use LinkedIn; and then find them by “employee name” + “Instagram”.

Getting a connection with the desire companies and industry will help you to build some knowledge about insights, lifestyle, work style and will make you feel slightly connected with the company.

4. Use hashtags

Research the hashtags used by companies/ industries that interest you. Further, find out which are the popular hashtags in your field and add them as well. Try to use similar ones when updating your content, but make sure that everything is relevant.

5. Get in contact

After you have followed the tips mentioned before and your Instagram in updated with all the needed information/ content/ followers, you can go ahead and reach out to targeted companies.

You can start by letting them know that you appreciate their company and that you wish to become a part of their team.

Suggest them to check out your Instagram page. Do not get disappointed if your message will remain unanswered; instead, try to find a contact person from the desired company and get in touch with her/him.

6. Mention your Instagram

If you are using Instagram in your job-hunting, do remember to mention it in your CV, application letter, LinkedIn profile, etc. It is a nice idea to attach your Instagram username (@username) with Instagram’s icon, therefore it will pop up faster.

Keep in mind that perseverance is the key to success, therefore, do not give up trying. Make creative content that will highlight your potential and catch the online visitors’ eyes.

Day Worker Team Ana S.


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