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Dress Code Policy at Work

Appearance is an important element career-wise. Even if your work performance is not related to your fashion sense, a good outfit can highlight you in your co-workers´ and boss´ eyes. At the same time, it will give you confidence. Some tips to follow to look 5 stars.

Respect your company’s rules

Each company comes with a set of rules for its dress code, depending on the position and environment. Some of the companies are indicating the dress code to you before you start working in the company. Otherwise, if it is not mentioned, a good idea is that you call the company, before your first day there, and ask them if they have any policy regarding their dress code. Your gesture will be appreciated since you will show high interest and desire to integrate.

If you do not desire to ask them directly, do a little research on your own. With the help of social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) investigate relevant photos and insights related to the company’s clothing choice.

Always be groomed

Before discussing the actual clothing, grooming is a highly important criterion. Take care of yourself by always polishing your look because respecting a dress code starts before you even put your clothes on.

The importance of neat hair, nails, teeth and body overall should not be neglected to avoid awkward and disrespectable situations at work. Not considering this might not violate the company’s dress code, but it will, for sure, attract several bad impressions about you. Always pay extra attention to grooming because it can make a huge difference in the manner your co-workers and boss see you.

Be appropriate

Remember to always be appropriate in your clothing choice for work. Firstly, be sure that your garments are a clean, unwrinkled and suitable size for you. There is nothing more unprofessional than wearing a piece of clothing that is too small for you or that it’s revealing too much.

Do not exaggerate by adding too many colors in your outfit; personalize your fashion with style and always appropriate for the company you are working in. If you lack outfits ideas, you can get inspiration from social media platforms. Be creative and make a couple of tryouts, fashion-wise, and approach the style that is suitable for you / your job type.


The final touch of an outfit, accessories are the ones which can either complete perfectly your style or, if not chosen carefully, sabotage it. As a general rule, you should not over-accessorize your outfit; the main focus should be on you as a worker, not on the accessories you are wearing. They should also not be noisy, eyes disturbing or uncomfortable.

Choose your bag wisely, being sure that in maintaining the common-sense requirements. It should be big enough to store all of your needed items, not to relieve them and keep it clean and tidy always.

A smart idea is to finish your outfit with a watch. It shows professionalism and punctuality.


Dress code divisions

The dress code for work can highly vary from a job to another, but in principle, there are three main categories, covering most of the working area:


The traditional clothing approach, suit-and-tie formal style is the classic work outfit for companies in the industry of finances, hospitality, law, etc. embrace; executive meetings and remarkable events also adapt this style.

The key elements in a business look are tone on tone suits in plain colors, matched with a collar blouse. It is the highest level of professionalism, fashion workwise.


The most common dress code around companies in a wide number of industries, this style allows you to personalize it with desired colors and prints. Although used in a wide range, business-casual can highly vary from a company to another, as some of them allow you to get more creative and personal.

The key elements in a business-casual look are colorful/ patterned shirts and blouses combined with casual pants. Another approach is suited in color combinations top/ bottom.


The dress code that allows your creativity to go the highest, incorporating sneakers in the work outfit and even printed T-shirts with distinct text or image. Keep your style relaxed, yet professional. Do not overstep the common sense when choosing the color, text, print for your garments.

The key elements in a casual look are jeans and blazer, mixed with a printed T-shirt, combined with sneakers. Sweatshirts and knitwear are also incorporated.

Maintaining your appearance professional at work will only bring you benefits. Follow the rules but remember to always maintain your style, with an adapted to the company touch.


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