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Common Mistakes at a Job Interview

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

The big day is here; you have finally passed the first step in recruiting process and got to interview part. Now is your chance to personally prove to the employer your high potential in joining the team.

Knowing how stressful it is to prepare yourself for one the biggest opportunities in your life, we want to introduce you to the most common mistakes that you should avoid during your interview.


Arriving late

The number one rule when going to the interview is “Never be late!”. Punctuality is key for any organization, avoid making a bad first impression before you even arrive at the meeting. Running late is a sign of disrespect and poor time management skill. Unless your delay is caused by a reasonable issue, the hiring manager will believe that you are not interested enough in the job.

In some unfortunate situations or circumstances (e.g.: health disorder, transportation issue, private problems, etc.), you have to contact the employer as soon as possible, explain the case and, if possible, reschedule the interview.

First impression

We all know that the first impression at an interview is the most important. Majority of employers state that the decision whether to continue with the candidate or not was taken in the first 2-3 minutes of the meeting.

Enter the interview room with a smile and confident, yet relaxed attitude. Practice a professional and strong handshake. In some situations, it is appropriate to sneak in some small, smart, yet funny talks here and there. The entire key to succeed in making a good first impression is to be yourself, polite, informed and confident.


Make sure that you do your research before attending an interview. One of the most common complains from the employers is that the candidates come unprepared to the interview.

Gather as much information as possible about the company, its history and department that you are being interviewed for. If you would like to impress and find a common ground with the interviewer, try to find his/her social media profile on a platform as LinkedIn. Look into spare time activities, interests and job history.

When you get to the interview, try to use some of the information you found in small talks. The fact that you have done some extra homework, will certainly presently surprise the representative.

Remember: never lie to impress someone.


While being interviewed, remember to acquire a clear speech from the begging to the end. Take a second and think before you answer a question, in this manner, your phrases will be appropriate, not too short and neither too long.

Keep your answers on point, do no give inappropriate private details; you always must be professional. Show originality, don’t repeat everything that the employer can read from your CV and make sure that you appear curious by asking a few questions back.

NEVER trash talk your previous employers, colleges or companies that you have been working for. This act will highlight your unprofessionalism, absence of loyalty and trust. If you left your previous job with some unsolved issues, you can mention it, just make sure that you do it in a subtle way.

Body language

Make sure that you have a controlled and respectable body language. Don’t forget to make eye contact with your employer, in order to appear confident. Normally, the absence or avoidance of eye contact displays a lack of confidence, interest or that you are not well enough prepared.

Do not use your phone during the interview. In a time where the technology became the focus of our every-day life, it might be difficult to resist the temptation of using them. However, you must try to put your devices aside (preferably on silent mode) if you want to make a good impression in front of your interviewer.

Also, do not bring any drinks with you in the room (unless you are offered). Entering the interview room with a cup of coffee/ tea in your hand be a sign of disrespect. Just keep your drink in a bag, (if possible) otherwise do not include it in your interview’s kit.


Always look professional and sharp. Although, the dress-code may vary from a job to another, do a bit of research before. Perhaps, you could inspire yourself from company’s current employees’ choice of fashion. If you lack ideas, you should keep in mind that a business-casual look always works.

The second chance?

If you had an unlucky experience at the job interview and believe that you need one more shot to prove yourself, ask your interviewer for a second chance. Some employers could relate to the challenges you experienced and allow you a second chance.

You can either write an e-mail, make a phone call or talk with the employer personally. Make sure that you clearly explain your situation and you might be lucky to get another chance or be considered as a future candidate.

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