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7 Don'ts at Work

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Out of stress and nervousness, your behavior at work might become uncontrolled and harm your image. Occasionally, as employees, unconscious mistakes are made and leading to losing your job. It is truly impressive how the same person who made the best impression at the interview weeks before, can do the opposite on his / her first day at work. Further, are the most common mistakes that can lead you to the unemployment market.


1. Timing

When having a new job, it is crucial to be punctual. Attending work after the working hours have started, will attract negative attention towards you (be it from other employees or your employer). Avoid, at all cost looking unprofessional and careless.

Of course, unfortunate situations can happen sometimes; just remember to contact and inform your boss whenever an emergency happens.

2. Lying

Never lie in your CV - the truth will emerge sooner or later. After you start the job, it will fast become clear if you possess the skills stated in your CV or not. The most important fact is that you are always honest in both your CV and LinkedIn profile, because no one would like to work with a person they can’t trust.

3. Attitude

Don’t start your day with a negative attitude. Negativity and a state of permanent complaining attract resentment and bad impression established in your boss’s and co-workers’ mind. No one would like to work with a co-worker who is always dragging the other’s morale down.

Moreover, never underestimate the company where you are working. It is highly important that you are positive about your new work/ company and believe in its successful future.

Remember that a positive attitude will improve your performance and work related relationships.

4. Gossiping

Gossip should never be an option when you lack a conversation topic with your co-workers. This will display you as being not only trustless but also disrespectfu. Your teamwork will highly lower its efficiency when your co-workers can’t relax in your presence. Negative news spread fast, therefore try to distance yourself from gossiper’s group.

Old but god: Always think how you would feel if you would be in the skin of the person you gossiped about.

5. Social Media

Stay away from negative posts regarding your workplace, boss and/or co-workers. If you had a bad day or any type of work-related issues, the best solution is to discuss these directly with your boss or co-workers. Frustrations on social media, will make you look immature and unprofessional.

6. Appearance

Maintaining a low-key appearance at work will only attract negative attention to you. Having a clean and tidy look is the fundamental elements of a good impression. You do not have to spend a fortune on your work outfit, just be sure that your clothes are appropriate to the working environment.

7. Interest

Treating your job careless will do nothing more than to send you back to the unemployment list. Always show interest in everything related to your position and the company. In some cases, it is acceptable for you to brainstorm (in group) on a working-related issue, this is the best chance for you to prove that you aim for positive change and care about others.

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