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Some of us might feel lost in the journey of job search, be it a case where you do not know what job fits you and your skills best, or if it sparks any interest at all.

Do you feel like you are not in full control of your job search? Then read through!

Being reactive in your job search can lead you into a lot of barriers, that’s why we have gathered these tips to help you be a better job seeker, by being proactive.


Choose the perfect fit

Transitioning from the unemployed stage of your life to being employed, one commonly met mistake is to choose the first option that comes on the way. That usually results in dissatisfaction and frustration of working for a company you had no interest to work in the first place.

Avoid stepping into the wrong career, start by making a list of companies that fit you best. Use your network to ask for recommendations, appeal to job search platforms to have a clear idea of what is available out there.

The company social media channels and websites to find out their values and growth potential, this will make you understand if it’s a match or a pass.

Use your network to your advantage!

Your network activity is a great way to stay proactive in your job search, as it gives you the chance to find job offers that aren’t usually advertised publicly.

Of the ways to connect with people, is to contact close friends, family and past co-workers to ask for any kind of information related to your job search, their workplace, recruitment process or recommendations. That alone can give you important information about a company that you are interested in and your chances after application.

The way is to seek out networking events or business social events related to your job field. This will expand your network with professionals in your field and who knows, you might meet your employer around the corner.

The third way is to utilize your social network. A good channel is linked in, where you can see if anyone who you are connected with already works for a company you are interested in. Most employers have an employee referral program, which you can use to your advantage. Connect, appeal and show your interest. This can open a door to an interview that leads to full-time employment.

Personalise your job applications

Being aware of the message you are sending with each of your application, is a great advantage.

Personalise your application text, avoid creating the ‘’Desperate Candidate’’ or ‘’I would accept any job’’ Impression. Employers do not hire desperate candidates, they look for strength and dedication, as well as a particular interest in their company.

To avoid communicating the wrong message, research the company’s website and social media. Observe what is that they try to highlight so much, what is that they can improve or thrive for. Use it to your advantage, to write the application in the company’s style.

Bonus tip: in your cover letter, refer to the top 4 skills mentioned in the application. No problem if you do not have the other 50, empathise on what you can offer to the company. Use your past experience to support your skills.

Keep showing interest – follow up!

You have applied for a job that you are interested in, you should, in the most appropriate manner, follow up on your application.

Can do this by contacting the hiring manager, writing a message to their LinkedIn or media platforms. The best method recorded is calling the company before sending the application and after.

Shows that you have interest in the field and the company that you want to work at.

Upon the rejections. Nobody is thrilled to receive a rejection, however, most of the companies save the application data for future employment possibilities. Reach out with a phone call or an email and thank the hiring manager for the opportunity to participate in the recruiting process.

Include a short message that highlights your interest and availability to the company in the future. Let them know that you are interested in future career opportunities.

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